Experienced counsel for leaders at the intersection of strategy
implementation, operations excellence, and culture change.

One of the world's leading authorities on:

  • CEO & senior leader transition
  • Implementing new strategies which require culture change

  • Dan Ciampa is a senior advisor to CEOs and boards of directors, especially during a transition, who must implement new corporate strategies which call for structure, systems, and process changes that are significant enough that the culture must change.

    The most important challenges a leader faces lie at the intersection of strategy, operations, and culture. Dan has devoted his long career to mastering the knowledge, skills, and behavior needed to thrive at that intersection.

    Often, these changes coincide with a leadership transition. Dan specializes in helping leaders prepare themselves and their organizations for the hand-off to their successors, and in helping new leaders who are just assuming control.

    A note on what follows...
    Many websites are nothing but advertisements that gain attention by being flashy but in the process, sacrifice content and substance. The intention here is to not be an ad for Dan Ciampa, but to describe who he is and what he does. But it's not easy to do that in a few words. To try to be as succinct as possible, each of the three main sections that follow begins with a summary. If what it says is of interest, more detail follows.