Advice & Counsel - Transitions: For Designated Successors

There is good news and not-so-good news for the person in the #2 spot expecting to move up to the next job.

The good news is that being at that point is recognition of the hard work it took to get there. Also it says that the CEO & directors think she has what it takes to be at the front of the succession line. The bad news is the success rate of designated successors is dismal. The benchmark research on this topic done in the late 1990s* showed that only 25% of those hired from outside the organization are successful in winning the top job or, once there, stayed for more than 18 months...and, while better, being promoted from within proves to be hardly a sure thing with only a 50% success rate.

How to be on the winning side of these odds?

Dan helps by:

* See Right From the Start, Ciampa & Watkins, Harvard Business School Press, 1999